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suzanna bary

About Dr Suzanna Bary

Dr Suzanna Bary joined the Australian Menopause Centre in 2018 and is a valued member of the Medical and Clinical team. She has extensive experience in General Practice and has worked in urban and rural areas of Australia.

Dr Suzanna has a passion for her patients and believes in adopting a holistic approach to their treatment and care. She is a firm believer in the prevention of disease through healthy diet, exercise, quality supplements and establishing hormonal balance through the use of bio-identical hormones combined with patient education.

Her special interests include Mental Health and she has a particular interest in Medical Hypnosis.

In her free time, Dr Suzanna enjoys cooking, listening to music, travelling, watching good movies and spending quality time with her family.

  • Doctor of Medicine
  • AMC Certificate, Australian Medical Council, Australia, 2006
  • Registration number: MED0001201188
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