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Do all women experience the same symptoms of menopause?

Not all women experience symptoms of Menopause. Some women make the transition without any symptoms at all. On the other hand, some women have severe symptoms that interfere significantly with their quality of life. Although there are a variety of symptoms related to the hormonal changes of Menopause, I generally use the frequency and severity of hot flushes as an indicator of the “degree” of Menopause. I refer to Menopause as being mild, moderate or severe depending on the number of hot flushes and night sweats per 24 hour period. Although it doesn’t include all types of Menopause presentations, it is a useful tool to monitor progress on treatment.

For some women, symptoms may be skin or vaginal dryness only; others may have low mood and irritability; and others have generalized aches and pains and/or low sex drive. Many women have all of these to deal with. It seems like it all comes down to “luck” but they are likely to be genetic, dietary, social and environmental influences.

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