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Understanding your receipt

Why did I receive a receipt for only part of what I paid?

The Australian Menopause Centre wishes to ensure you receive the maximum return possible from your health fund. Generally, health funds have maximum levels for rebates for each receipt. Depending on the length of and fee for your treatment, it may be beneficial for you to receive split receipts.

When will I receive my next receipt?

Monthly (approximately 4 weeks after the first one). You will receive two or three months worth of medication (depending on your treatment program) upfront and your receipts monthly.

Why do my receipts only show medication and not the entire treatment program?

Generally, health funds will only pay rebates up to a pre-determined maximum per receipt. As such, it may be more beneficial financially to receive monthly receipts for medication. Many funds actually advise their members to obtain a monthly receipt. If you are not in a health fund, this is irrelevant.

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