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How do I stop the treatment program?

When the time comes to start the weaning off process, here are a few hints to make it more successful:

  • Avoid weaning off your treatment in Spring or Summer. The heat can make things far more difficult. Rather consider weaning off towards the end of summer, autumn or winter when a few hot flushes may in fact warm you up.
  • Avoid weaning off if you are planning a holiday away or going overseas. It could turn the holiday into a difficult time.
  • Don’t rush through the weaning off process. At each new lowered level, give your body some time to acclimatize to this new level of hormone. If the symptoms start to come back slightly, pause on this new level for a while or go back up slightly to attain that comfort zone.
  • Rather take the prescribed dose and arrange for a lowered prescribed dose as opposed to cutting your dosage in half or quarters. Achieving the new balance may not be as simple as taking half of both hormones but may require that you reduce one hormone relative to the other. We also prefer that you are on a certain minimum level of progesterone if you are on oestrogen as it provides protection to your uterus.

The duration of the complete process of weaning off your NHRT program may vary but may be as short as just a few months. Of course, if any symptoms return during the weaning off process, please contact us and we can discuss the options.

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