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06 Dec 2013 By

Adrenal Fatigue Support Program

With today’s modern lifestyle, adrenal fatigue is becoming more and more common and more and more debilitating. Due to the physical, mental and emotional stressors that can come with menopause, a reduction of adrenal function can often be noted in menopausal women.

Adrenal fatigue can present or develop into one of three phases:

Phase One

Alarm Phase: Wired, highly stressed, always on the run, can’t stop. Sleep is an issue and can’t shut off. The aim here is to calm the nervous system and prevent over excitability.

Phase Two

Resistance Phase: Exposure to prolonged stress, difficulty coping with stress and feeling generally fatigued. The aim here is to improve stress response as well as improving how the adrenal glands cope and adapt to stress.

Phase Three

Exhaustion Phase (Burn Out): Exhausted and it’s a struggle to go about daily activities. Chronically stressed and burnt out. The aim here is to retrain the adrenal glands and nervous system to function correctly and efficiently.

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