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Dec 28, 2015 News AMC Team 81 views

A 2015 Australian study by the NSW Cancer Council reinforced the findings of The Women’s Health Initiative of 2002 in respect to the use of synthetic HRT and the risk of breast cancer. The study, conducted by the Cancer Council of NSW, found that women using synthetic HRT are twice as likely to develop breast cancer compared to those who have never used it.  There have been several media reports on these findings, two of which I have provided links to at the bottom of this article.

It is very interesting to see that the Australian Cancer Council study supports the same findings as the Women’s Health Initiative studies from 2002 even though many specialists, often linked to a pharmaceutical company, have tried to undermine the degree of risk. In the Women’s Health Initiative of 2002, studies were conducted on women taking synthetic HRT. The study found that there was an increased risk of breast cancer for women taking combined synthetic oestrogen and progestin. It is becoming more evident that the risk of increased breast cancer lies with the use of the synthetic progestin which has a biochemical structure which is very different to what the body produces naturally.

The good news for you is that you are taking bio-identical hormones – both the oestrogen and progesterone have a biochemical structure that is identical to what the body is producing normally.   Studies have shown that bio-identical progesterone appears not to have the same risks as synthetic progestogen – see the link below.

AMC originated in 2003 as a result of these findings of the Women’s Health Initiative and our desire to provide women with what is not only more natural but what we believe to be the safer option. At the Australian Menopause Centre, the use of bio-identical HRT is our preferred option to prevent this increased risk in breast cancer.

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