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Want to Delay Your Menopause?

29 Jun 2018

Written by Samantha Mainland, Naturopath, B.Nat, BMedsMgmentProfHonsCM. We all know that food plays a role in our energy and wellbeing, but did you realise that your food choices now can impact you later on (like, years later)? A 2017 UK study

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Naturopath Frequently Asked Questions

30 May 2018

In the role of Naturopath, Clinical Assistant and Weight Loss Consultant, I speak to a wide range of patients about a variety of concerns. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful and ‘connected’ the human body is. Understanding the changes an

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It’s All in The Guts!

29 Apr 2018

Everyone used to know and value the importance of good digestion. We used to know that our food is our fuel, and we used to place a heavier weighting on this fact. It seems that as we have become busy and our food has become convenient, we have

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