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This Christmas and New Year choose ONE healthy resolution ONLY – and stick to it!


Every January our offices are inundated with guilty individuals, feeling extremely disappointed in themselves for not achieving what they set out to do. When we actually start discussing in depth what their healthy New Year’s resolutions entailed – it’s easy to see why they are so frustrated with themselves.

At the end of each year we all have the best intentions yet usually set ourselves herculean tasks for the New Year that even the most draconian of people would fail at. This year be kind to yourself, choose one or two resolutions that you KNOW you can stick to for the entire year even if they seem really elementary. The satisfaction you will achieve by seeing them through far outweighs the deep disappointment and sense of failure you may have by mid-January when reality sets in and you may realize that the resolutions you set are insurmountable.

Here are a few Simple Healthy Resolutions that may work for you in 2018!

  • Drink 2L of water every day.
  • Brisk walking for 15 minutes 5 days a week.
  • Get up from the table as soon as you are 80% full.
  • Add a new vegetable to your plate once a week.
  • No sugar or white refined carbohydrates on Mondays!
  • Add blueberries to your diet 3x per week.
  • Cook a vegetarian meal once a week.
  • Eat fish 2-3 times per week.
  • Eat a salad 5 days a week.
  • Have three or more ALCOHOL FREE nights a week.
  • Eat from a smaller dinner plate every night.
  • Eat dinner at 6pm.

This year – keep it simple – create resolutions that you CAN keep – doesn’t matter how small they seem the act of staying true to your commitment is extremely important in long term goal setting. Take one small step and start the life long journey towards health!


Written by Sharon Aaron