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Oct 16, 2017 Controversy Corner AMC Team 3 views

You would not believe the number of patients who complain to us that their GP does not know why they are being prescribed bio-identical hormones. Many GPs simply announce that they have never heard of the Australian Menopause Centre as if that excuses ignorance. Some even go so far as to insist that the patient stops their bio-identical hormones without considering that the patient actually needs them. How selfish. How strange.

I am always amused, no actually concerned, at the number of patients we need to speak with on a weekly basis and explain to them that the Australian Menopause Centre knows what they are doing.  Over the years more than 75,000 women have successfully been treated by the doctors at AMC.

Our newsletter is sent monthly to more than 65,000 people. We have been operating successfully since the beginning of 2003. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and expertise through research and education

Our doctors are always more than happy to speak with GPs who earnestly want to know more about bio-identical hormones and perhaps even more importantly how to manage a patient successfully in respect to their hormonal needs as they progress through the difficult journey that is menopause. Menopause is probably one of the most challenging stages in a woman’s life. It is not something that can simply be managed by a one size fits all dose or cocktail of hormones.

At AMC we work with patients throughout their journey. We monitor, support and assist patients. It is what we do. It is what we have always done. We not only want to work with the patient but with the GP and more importantly we need the GP to work with us as well.

Perhaps your GP needs encouragement. Suggest that they speak with us. We want to share what we know and work with them to help you.

Written by Ron Loftus

AMC Team

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