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Jun 29, 2018 Controversy Corner AMC Team 13 views

Written by Ron Loftus, General Manager

“There is no scientific evidence to support that bioidentical hormone therapy is safer or more effective than hormone therapy that uses synthetic estrogen and progesterone.”  – Women’s Health Research Institute.

What rubbish! Not only is this incorrect but it is deliberately misleading. There is a substantial body of evidence that shows synthetically derived hormones cause cancer and heart disease1,2.  Conversely, studies have shown that bio-identical hormones are safer with no recorded increase in breast cancer or heart disease, when compared to those not using hormones3,4.

At the Australian Menopause Centre, we have had to endure the sorts of claims and comments similar to the one at the top of this page, and we are constantly amazed at the seeming impunity of the perpetrators of such blatant and misleading statements. We have learned not to make claims that cannot be substantiated, but we are as committed as ever to the use of bio-identical hormones as a first line of defence in the treatment of hormonal deficiency, and we are committed to the monitoring and support of women through their menopause journey and beyond.

Be prepared for the opposition from certain medical practitioners and specialists who listen to and follow others rather than look further and open their minds to more natural hormonal alternatives. Before abandoning your bio-identical hormones or being bamboozled into taking a commercial product, ask more questions and certainly take advantage of the advice and support offered by the team at the Australian Menopause Centre.

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