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Jan 6, 2017 Controversy Corner AMC Team 3 views

Well actually, no, you are not! You are paying for a Treatment Program that gives you access to some of the best qualified people in the country to help you with your hormonal and natural health requirements.  The medication is part of what you pay but so is access to the Doctors, Clinical Staff, Naturopaths, Care Consultant and numerous other services that are certainly not available anywhere else for the cost of your program.

But I don’t use all the services available to me.

So, what? I don’t read the classifieds in my newspaper either but I do have access if I want to.  My Foxtel/Netflix account costs me the same every month whether I use it or not. So does my health insurance.

My GP bulk bills me and I can go to her or him.

Well, yes you can but why did you come to us?

We are supportive of GPs and specialists in their respective fields but we do believe that we are better equipped to help you especially when it comes to hormones and menopause. This is because we devote our entire time to the support of women and yes men too, who are suffering from hormonal problems. We also specialise in Bio-identical hormones and do not support the use of synthetic concoctions that have many proven side effects and dangerous implications. We have devoted almost 15 years now to helping hundreds of thousands of women and men as well in respect to hormonal health.

Providing Specialists, GPs, Clinical Health professionals, Naturopaths as well as a large support team is a costly exercise.

Next time you speak with one of the team here at AMC, remember that they have been selected to provide you with the support and care not easily found anywhere else.

That is what you are paying for.

By Ron Loftus, GM

AMC Team

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