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My partner has been feeling depressed lately so I decided to give him some of my medication. He had a great reaction and wants to get some for himself. I thought don’t bother – I will just let you keep using mine.

In most cases, the medication that is prescribed by the Doctors at AMC are what is known as S4 medication and can only be obtained by a suitable script from a Registered Doctor. Such medication has been prescribed for our patients based on a medical history and a knowledge of the possible side effects and what we know of your particular medical condition.

You and your friend have been talking and it seems that she has the same symptoms as you. Why not give her some of your BHRT to take – after all it helped you – why not her?
Maybe one of your friends has a good idea.

“You should take this little pill. It’s worked wonders for me.”

“I don’t know,” you reply, “maybe I should. And besides, I don’t have the time or money to go to the doctor right now. I just need a little something to help me get by now, no big deal.”

Your friend sympathises and digs in her purse for her pill container. She fishes out one or two (or a few) and gives them to you.

“Here, take these. You’ll feel better in no time.”
But the medication type, dosage, and frequency have been prescribed for your friend and her specific medical condition – not you and whatever may be going on with your body and mind. How can you hope to “get by” taking medication her doctor ordered for her? This is a foolish and risky proposition you’re entering into. Even if you escape unharmed this time, the fact that you have, will lead you to believe you can always get away with sharing medications with others.

It’s amazing how many people don’t give sharing their prescription medications with others a second thought. There’s one overriding reason why you should never share medications that are prescribed only for you and that is that it can result in serious, even fatal consequences to others that take them.

Don’t risk your health or that of others. Be safe and sensible always.

AMC Team

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