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Controversy Corner: MHT – Newspeak and Doublespeak.


Many may have read the book 1984 by George Orwell. Winston Smith was a member of the Outer Party. He worked in the Records Department in the ‘Ministry of Truth’, his job was rewriting and distorting history.

I can’t help but draw analogies from this classic, depressing but thought provoking book and its concepts with what is being propagated and promoted by the usual group of ‘experts’. These experts have for many years now fought a battle to promote synthetic HRT as a relatively safe treatment for the symptoms of menopause despite numerous studies pointing to the increased risk to women prescribed these products by misinformed practitioners who hang on every word uttered by these same ‘experts’.

Take for example the new approach to use the letters MHT (Menopause Hormone Therapy) rather than the more widely used HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). This I believe is a deliberate attempt to take attention away from HRT with its associated bad press and proven risks and rebrand it as a more acceptable and once again preferred treatment for the symptoms of menopause.

This reminds me of ‘Newspeak’ from Orwell’s book where words and phrases are replaced with words that actually take away from the original meaning. The idea is, that as language becomes less expressive, the mind is more easily controlled.
‘Doublethink’ from the book also comes to mind. Doublethink was used to allow someone to hold two opposing ideas in their mind and believe in them both!
Therefore, the experts can believe in the dangers of MHT and at the same time promote them as desirable, especially when taken as part of an overall strategy encompassing lifestyle change such as the control of diet, suitable exercise, cessation of smoking and safe levels of alcohol.  Why would they do this? Surely not because much of the funding for these experts comes from the same pharmaceutical companies that produce the formulations? Food for thought.

At the Australian Menopause Centre, we continue to believe bio-identical hormones are a better treatment for symptoms of peri menopause and menopause. We continue to think that plant based hormonal derivatives are a better option than conjugated horse’s urine and synthetically derived dangerous progestins for women to use to combat hormonal symptoms.