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May 6, 2020 Controversy Corner Ron Loftus 101 views

It is interesting how telehealth has suddenly become welcome throughout Australia. The Australian Menopause Centre have been at the forefront of telehealth since 2003. We have been able to assist and support tens of thousands of women all over our vast continent. During this time, we have been hassled, questioned and put down by medical practitioners and put to the test by others. Yet we have survived to see telehealth at last become an acceptable way of helping patients who are suffering or who are unable to receive adequate support and care due to them being in remote parts of the country or where suitable care has been and continues to be inadequate.

Recently, one of our long time patients reported that her GP, who for years had questioned the benefit of her receiving care by the Australian Menopause Centre because it was over the telephone and internet, now treating her for her other medical conditions telephonically as well as many of his other patients. She could not help but point out to him the irony of this situation.

It will be of further interest to see what happens once the world returns to normal in the months ahead. That is, of course, if returning to normal will ever be anything like the ‘normal’ prior to COVID-19. The Australian Menopause Centre, as always, will strive to remain relevant and supportive to our patients.

Ron Loftus

About The Author - Ron Loftus

Ron Loftus is the General Manager of the Australian Menopause Centre and leads the team. He has many years of experience within the medical industry. His detailed and focused approach to every matter ensures our centre maintains high standards in patient care and that we are forever seeking ways of improving our systems and practices.

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