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Apr 29, 2018 Controversy Corner AMC Team 4 views

What’s wrong with this statement?

‘Hormone Replacement Therapy has been used safely in Australia for many years. 2016 saw the Australian release of a safe, easily absorbed HRT providing an exact duplicate of the human hormone progesterone, for women with menopausal symptoms.’


Hormone replacement therapy has not really been safe for all women. Those who were prescribed oestrogen derived from the urine of pregnant horses combined with synthetic progestins were not necessarily on safe medication. How many who were exposed to the increased risks of breast cancer, developed breast cancer?

We may never know the full extent. All we get are platitudes, excuses and misleading statements like the one above from a certain academic who I will not name. This same professor for many years was an outspoken critic of bio-identical hormones and we can only assume that was because the pharmaceutical companies that provided funding for such academics did not produce bio-identical hormones although there have been certain products developed over more recent times that are bio-identical but in certain set and often limited doses.

So, what does the academic say now?

‘2016 saw the Australian release of a safe, easily absorbed HRT providing an exact duplicate of the human hormone progesterone, for women with menopausal symptoms.

Well I have news for him. Safe, easily absorbed HRT in the form of micronized progesterone has been available long before 2016! Not only this but it has been available in doses specifically designed to be effective and as low as needed to ensure effective relief of menopause symptoms.

What does this academic call the 2016 release? He calls it ‘body identical’ instead of bio-identical to avoid having to eat words from earlier years when he condemned the use of bio-identical hormones or BHRT. But now that big pharma has partially started to produce certain bio-identical hormones, this new term has been developed to continue to confuse and manipulate people into believing that suddenly there has been a breakthrough.

The good news is that finally there is further proof that bio-identical hormones which can be referred to as body identical, have the support and backing of even its once most vehement critics. Further good news is that doctors who have years of experience prescribing BHRT can continue to prescribe knowing that they have been doing the right thing for many years. They can also be confident that BHRT specifically compounded in targeted doses will not only be beneficial for women but can continue to be adjusted, monitored and tailored for individual women.

By Ron Loftus.

AMC Team

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