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Controversy Corner: Seasonal Overdrive!


Well 2017 is over. What a year it was! Putting aside the political and cultural upheaval and the monumental changes and events of 2017, and the usual race into overdrive that December brings came once again.

“Can you do it by Christmas?” “Please I need this done before 24th December!”

Funny, how, as soon as the 25th is over, everything seems to be less stressful, needful or urgent.

For AMC 2017 ended with the usual extra busyness of the season.

We have faced difficulties over the last twelve months with such issues as health funds changing their rules to try and avoid passing on benefits to their members, falling into line and bowing to pressure from the pharmaceutical industry and many in the medical fraternity to discredit and smear the benefits of more natural forms of medication. Thankfully, many funds are not easily distracted by this deceit and pass on benefits to their members.

Add to this the often-daily news that practitioners order their patients to stop their successful program and experiment with a synthetic or alternative medication despite the practitioners having little real knowledge of the side effects or benefits of what they are prescribing and who do not give the follow up and support that AMC provides to patients.

Yes, we have our detractors, but we also have the tens of thousands of happy patients currently and previously who have placed their faith in the team at AMC.

A happy, healthy and prosperous 2018 to everyone.


Written by Ron Loftus

General Manager