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Controversy Corner: Sex, Lies and Videotape – Nope Just More Misleading Hype!


Recently we heard from the experts again – this time announcing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) won’t kill you! Or more accurately, HRT will not shorten your life! Well that is true to a point for those who develop breast cancer or ovarian cancer, or possibly heart disease or stroke and are lucky enough to have it diagnosed quickly.  The truth is that modern medicine is good at treating these diseases and as a result you will not die. For those who know the story – that is precisely what the serpent said to Eve!

What they do not tell you is that the chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other treatments make you so ill that you may even wish you did not survive! So, let’s twist things again and give false hope to those who will be prescribed synthetic HRT thinking that all is well.

All is not well; the risks are still there for synthetic HRT. The Women’s Health Initiative found that there was an increased risk for women, the Million Women study found that there was an increased risk, the Institute of Cancer Risk findings as recently as 2016 found that the risk was even higher than that highlighted by the WHI and Million Women Study!

But you will not die! For many, the better option would be to stick with bio-identical HRT to which increasing studies attest to the benefits of bio-identical oestrogens and progesterone. These are even becoming commercially available, although in set doses, and have been developed by the very people who for many years have tried to demean and sabotage the use of BHRT.

What AMC offers is not only the prescribing of bio-identical hormones; but targeted doses, supported by programs that ensure you are looked after whilst on the journey that is menopause.


Written by Ron Loftus


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