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Controversy Corner: The Party’s Over


Written by Ron Loftus, General Manager

Or so it seems, if the opposition win government at the next election. The leader of the Federal Opposition Mr Shorten, has given notice to the big health funds that he will cap their premium rises if the ALP comes to power.

What we need now is for the Coalition to wake up and do the same.

Whilst Royal Commissions can be expensive, I believe it is time that a Royal Commission into the Health Funds to be called.

The only way it seems, to get real results is for the large conglomerates to be scrutinised by a suitable powerful authority in order to bring to light any corruption and deceit.

We have all had our eyes opened by the recent findings of the Royal Commission into institutions and their treatment of children and the revelations uncovered by the Royal Commission into the Banks and Financial institutions has brought to light large-scale misconduct and corruption with everyday people ripped off and ruined financially by so called trusted companies.

For many years now, I have been writing about particular health funds and the lengths that they go to, to avoid covering their members for certain basic procedures and medications. They put barriers in the way and use any excuse not to pay a rebate. By their actions they show, just how much they are only in it to make money despite huge advertising campaigns claiming that they care about their members.  When it is all said and done, they are simply no more than huge money-making concerns who seem to be in bed with those other huge money-making companies – Big Pharma.

If this were not the case, then why not provide rebates to members who use alternative medicine and more natural therapies. The reason in my opinion is that it is not in their interest to be fair to all their members because there is no financial remuneration for them other than what they can siphon from those members.

For those genuine funds out there, who do offer rebates and excellent cover, I say; “Well done and you have nothing to hide nor fear. We will continue to promote you and your services.”