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Controversy Corner: Wake Up, Smell the Roses


Yes, it’s time to wake up from the nightmare of taking and being prescribed synthetic hormones which have been linked for decades with cancer and heart disease. ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’. In this case the rose smells of ’something rotten in Denmark’.  I apologise to the lovers of Shakespeare for borrowing these analogies but they seem apt.

Aside from the fact that Denmark (read HRT) has been named MHT (read HRT), women are once again being led up the garden path with the renamed MHT products which are still linked to the same dangers.

Unless your GP has a belief in Bio-identical hormones accompanied by real knowledge of the benefits and is adept at prescribing these hormones, find someone who does. It is simply not worth playing with your health by trusting someone who relies on, others to tell them what to do.

It is time to awaken from the nightmare of synthetic hormones. You can put lipstick on a pig, and it is still a pig. The drug industry can spin, deceive, and mislead in medical journals and media. Yet, after all the lies and propaganda, synthetic hormones remain monsters that should be avoided. Smart women have made the switch to safer and more effective bioidentical hormones. The future of medicine is your choice to make. It is recommended you work closely with a knowledgeable physician before making any decisions regarding hormone treatment.

Recently, a patient was told by her GP to stop the progesterone because she had a uterus and prescribed oestrogen for her to help stop her bleeding!!!  This highlights the incredible lack of knowledge of how to treat menopause and the real risk of endangering the health of patients rather than proper care. Reliance on what is being fed by the partisan disciples of the big pharmaceutical companies who will write or say whatever their wealthy funders require, can lead to big problems.

It’s time to beware of the patsies who have joined in the chorus that these same companies have now ‘changed their spots’.  They continue to produce certain products relabelling them as MHT to avoid association with the old and the new, which are actually the same.

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