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Controversy Corner: Why Troches?


At the AMC our doctors prescribe troches and other applications for BHRT hormones and other treatments.  These alternative options to swallowing hormones are all quite good in that they all bypass the liver but troches are the best option as well as being very convenient.

Troches are small lozenges that are placed between the cheek and gum and dissolve over a period of about 15 minutes.  As it dissolves, the hormones are gradually absorbed into the blood stream.

Troches are used by most of our patients and have been used by tens of thousands of our patients over the years. We have always found them to be effective and certainly easier in enabling the doctors to increase or lower the dosage required as needed by our patients.

Troches have been used since the early part of the 19th century and remain popular as a means of delivering medications,  in particular hormones. They are effective because the lining of the mouth is thin and allows easy absorption into the blood stream and results in physiologically natural hormone blood levels which bypass the digestive system as the hormones are readily absorbed into the lining of the cheek. The bio-identical hormones are exactly the same as your body produces naturally, they are recognised, absorbed, metabolised and employed by your body then excreted properly.

As troches are the most effective and are consistent in their make – up, they are the principal form of delivery for bio-identical hormone replacement. They are the preferred option, though not the only form of delivery used at AMC.


Written by Ron Loftus