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Feb 1, 2018 Controversy Corner AMC Team 2 views

Why, why and why do people consistently not read what is written? You have no idea the number of times during the day we receive questions from patients about bio-identical hormones and that they have been told by their respective health professionals or others that they are inferior or somehow untested. Not true and our literature always explains why, though the literature largely goes unread.

Why, when instructions are clearly written on emails and other documentation do people enquire about the instructions without having read them?  The information is there – just read it!

Why do people think that being on a program with AMC is only about the medication and that the medication is somehow not different to the many synthetic HRT options prescribed by the professionals who really know very little about hormone imbalance or who have been hoodwinked by the corporate entities into believing that they can safely do so?

Why do people think that they are paying for medication only and not for a comprehensive program that provides monthly contact from AMC and provides access to doctors, naturopaths, clinical staff, pharmacists, nutritionists and the ability to email, telephone and get answers and assistance without having to travel or leave the comfort of their chair?

It is frustrating that in a world that thrives on information and incredible technology, that people do not take advantage of that information. Maybe, at AMC, we can blame it on the fact menopause is a time when the brain can be foggy, memory is depleted, patience is fleeting and yet time is more and more scarce. We exist to alleviate that and it is an ongoing battle.

Again, apologies if I have hit any raw nerves.

Ron Loftus

General Manager

AMC Team

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