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Controversy Corner: Barefoot and Pregnant!


ControversyCorner_RonThough the above term is certainly not politically correct, I wanted to get your attention. This term could be applied to the plight of horses that are kept in a state of pregnancy in order to produce oestrogen that is used to create HRT.

What happens to the foals? You guessed it, they are either destroyed or the females are often kept and raised to adulthood where they are impregnated as well and placed in the production line.

Although this sounds disgusting, you might wonder what the fuss is all about? Animal products are used and ingested by humans all the time. Medicines are produced and so are a number of beauty products. So, is using urine from pregnant horses OK?

Well, drugs that contain conjugated equine oestrogen (often shortened to CEE) are not tolerated well by the human body and the increased risks associated with their use make them a bad option.

You will be pleased to know that Bio-identical hormones are plant based and are identical in structure to what your body produces naturally. Oestrogen produced from horses is not identical in structure.

We need to stop this terrible torture of beautiful horses and look at alternatives that are not only plant derived but what is believed by many experts to be a safer option. There are other synthetic forms of HRT but from our perspective we believe in BHRT, plant based and effective.

Do some research – find out the truth. Save the horses and still get relief from your symptoms a more natural way.