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Would you eat fruit that had gone bad?


Bad apple

If you answered no to this question and we hope you did, are you applying this same rule to your medications?

Medications have an expiry date and for good reason! Everything deteriorates over time.

Fresh is always the best and this applies especially to your bio-identical hormones. We at the Australian Menopause Centre need to constantly remind our patients to discard hormones that have past their expiry date and to ensure that they are only taking the freshest possible supply. One reason why fresh hormones are sent either monthly or bi-monthly is that we want to ensure that our patients are using fresh and therefore effective medication as part of your treatment program.

Remember, you are paying for a treatment program that not only enables you to have access to the services available at AMC which include clinical assistance, medical advice and regular follow up but bio-identical plant based hormones dispensed from special compounding pharmacies, delivered to your door. Old medication should be discarded and fresh hormones taken as directed. This will help to ensure effectiveness and also a good guide as to whether or not your dose may need to be adjusted.

Please dispose of your medication responsibly.


Patient Care Team