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Mar 29, 2018 Diet & Nutrition Wellness Tips AMC Team 75 views

Written by Annmarie Cannone, M.Hum Nut, Grad Dip Naturopathy, B.App Sci (Naturopathic Studies)

Juices have been popularised of late for their health benefit and the hype isn’t too short of the mark. Juicing is a fantastic way to ensure you’re consuming your daily requirements of both vegetables and fruit, however, there are even greater benefits than this.

Daily, we’re bombarded with a large array of toxins and at times, our exposure is inevitable. Because of this, it is crucial that we provide our bodies with the correct tools and nutrients to facilitate the clearance of toxins.

When we talk about a detox, we often think about eliminating toxins, improving our diet and ‘clean’ eating however, currently, there is a large move towards green juicing and their positive impact on our detoxifying organs- liver, kidneys and skin. Some groups also advocate juice fasts to kick start the organs and assist in weight management.

Juicing ensures all the nutrients found in the vegetables and fruit are absorbed, as many vitamins are quite often destroyed during the heating and cooking process. This is prevented through juicing. As well as this, green juices are alkaline and can reduce the presence of acidity in the body. This acidity can also become a hindrance to the ability of your body to detoxify.

The green vegetables such as, kale, spinach and broccoli, are known to improve liver function and improve the function of liver enzymes that are involved with detoxification.

To optimise the benefits of green juicing, it is ideal to consume a green juice on waking, prior to consuming breakfast.

Written by Annmarie Cannone

M.Hum Nut, Grad Dip Naturopathy, B.App Sci (Naturopathic Studies)

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