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Is your love life lacking? Do you want to improve your Moods?


Is your love life lacking drive and desire?
Do you want to improve your mood and happiness?

Oxytocin is a hormone mainly known for its effects on the cervix and the uterus during childbirth. However it is the effects of oxytocin on the human sexual response as well as its psychosocial benefit that is going to be described in more detail here.

The hormone oxytocin is thought to be responsible in the body for giving an intense sense of joy and happiness. Of all the hormones in the body, oxytocin probably gives us the greatest happiness in life. Oxytocin is released by both men and women during intimacy, between a mother and her child and promotes the showing of affection.  For this reason, it has been referred to as the “Love Hormone”.

According to literature, the benefits of oxytocin may include:

Psychosocial benefits

  •         Improved sociability
  •         Improved affection
  •         Happiness
  •         Improved mood
  •         Reduced anxiety
  •         Kindness

Sexual Benefits

  •         Improved sexual arousal and sex drive
  •         Improved clitoris and penis sensitivity to sexual contact
  •         Increased orgasmic pleasure in both men and women.

Dr Thierry Herthoghe, the author of the book “Passion, Sex and Long Life”, outlines the major physical characteristics of people who have adequate to high levels of oxytocins. These include:

  •         Happy
  •         Full of emotional expressions
  •         Full of life
  •         Smiles and laughs often
  •         Relaxed muscles and relaxed behaviour
  •         Good sex drive and arousal
  •         Good vaginal lubrication (women) and mucous secretions of the glans penis (men)
  •        Intense and multiple orgasms (women), good sex drive, arousal and romantic love experience (men)
  •         Affectionate
  •         Extrovert, warm hearted
  •         Friendly
  •         Tendency for group work, cooperative
  •         Enjoys social contacts
  •         Full of interest in others

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