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Dec 28, 2015 Symptom Relief Wellness Tips AMC Team 57 views

As part of your treatment program, we may recommend that you undertake specific medical tests. These will be advised by our doctor during your consultation. In addition, we suggest that you consult with your general practitioner and have the following tests:

  • Cervical Screen – Every 5 years (unless you have had a hysterectomy or if you are being followed up for previous abnormal results).
  • Mammogram – Every 2 years. Especially if over the age of 50. Some women, with a family history of breast cancer, may require a mammogram yearly and from an earlier age. Regular self examination of your breasts is also recommended.
  • Blood Pressure – At least every 12 months (more regularly if on blood pressure medication).
  • Cholesterol Levels – Consider an initial assessment of your cholesterol and other blood lipids, especially if you are overweight or you have other risks of having elevated cholesterol, e.g. a family history of heart disease. Further testing will depend on this initial result.
  • Blood Sugar Levels – An initial assessment of your blood sugar is advisable. Further testing will depend on this initial result.
  • Bone Scan – An initial bone scan is advisable. Further bone scans will depend on this outcome.

As a patient of the Australian Menopause Centre we encourage you to maintain these regular medical checks and also strongly advise that you inform us of your results. If you find that you have not had a review or scheduled 12 monthly blood test, please remind us when you speak with your care consultant.

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