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Oct 24, 2011 Wellness Tips AMC Team 72 views

Vitamin D3 is primarily known for its role in calcium absorption within the body tomaintain skeletal health. Vitamin D3 is equally important in its involvement with supporting the immune system, encouraging strong muscle strength thus reducing the risk of falls and fractures as well as reducing inflammation. Vitamin D3 is not only a vitamin involved in mineral absorption, it functions as a hormone in the body as well.

Inflammation is one of the major causes of chronic disease and this coupled with poor immune responses, particularly auto-immune responses may be leading to a rise in Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes. Vitamin D helps to modulate the immune system, stimulate insulin production, promotes Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and affects the heart muscles ability to contract.
In Australia the Slip Slop Slap campaign of covering up in the sun had done wonders for our skin cancer rates, but some people wonder if it has contributed to the low levels of Vitamin D within the population. In particular certain places in Queensland for example have the lowest rates within the country, yet plenty of sunshine.

Another factor that may be contributing is the time of the day in which we absorb the solar UVB radiation from the sun in which the body converts to Vitamin D3. Most people are indoors at the very time they need to be outside getting their daily dose. The shorter the sun’s rays are on your body the better the absorption and this means your shadow is short. A good rule of thumb is if your shadow is longer than your height, the sun’s rays are too long and therefore do not promote absorption. When in this sun, only stay until your skin turns a pale pink. This is the dose you require for the day.


To raise Vitamin D3 levels sufficiently by diet and sunlight can be quite difficult. We find supplementation is the most effective way to increase low Vitamin D3 levels. Vitamin D3 can be quite unstable as a vitamin and we choose the Metagenics Vitamin D3 as it has been quality tested to validate its strength and absorption availability right up to the expiry date on the bottle.


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