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Nov 26, 2013 News Trina 76 views

A Testimonial about Nuerocalm From Trina at the Australian Menopause Centre
Hi I work at Australian Menopause Centre and have been prescribed Nuerocalm for the past 6 months for anxiety and nerves. I find it very effective for settling my anxiety and nerves during those stressful and high pressured times that we all go through. It certainly takes the edge off and I have not found any side effects such as sleepiness. I am so happy with it that I recommended it to my son who is 22. He has been taking it for the past few months and his feedback has been that it is a fantastic natural product and it settles his anxiousness that he sometimes gets.  I don’t take it every day only when I feel I need to. A few of my colleagues have tried it also and have been converted. The main feedback I have received from them is that it is not something they need to take every day such as an antidepressant and that the side effects if any are minimal as we are all different and react differently to anything we may take.

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