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Feb 14, 2017 Controversy Corner AMC Team 4 views

Controversy Corner: By Ron Loftus

Yes, you heard right. A New England Journal of Medicine report by Dr Peter Ravdin noted that there had been a decline in the rates of breast cancer coinciding with the decline in prescriptions for synthetic hormones after 20031. A Canadian study also showed similar results2.

Thankfully, many menopausal women have refused to be hoodwinked by big Pharma marketing companies whose tactics are aimed at continually trying to cajole them into using synthetic hormones.

These pharmaceutical companies even go so far as to roll out a coterie of ‘experts’ who sell their services for big dollars to these companies. These so called ‘experts’ promote results they know to be suspect whilst conveniently softening the known dangers of such products. All this to maintain their funding as well as the perks offered by these companies. The perks include such dainties as fully funded overseas trips to conferences where promotion of all sorts of pharmaceutical products occur and offers of valuable gifts and other perks. Sadly too, many GPs rely upon these experts and continue to follow their advice believing that they should continue to prescribe synthetic medication whilst ignoring the benefits of a bio-identical option3.

The smart option of replacing synthetic and potentially dangerous combinations of hormones with more natural, effective bio-identical hormones continues to be the choice of women who have done their homework and have rejected synthetic recipes.

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