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Dec 31, 2018 Diet & Nutrition Sharon Aaron 331 views

It is great to see the results achieved by my patients and I am always thrilled when I get feedback such as the below.  Peter (name has been changed for privacy reasons) has sent me the below that I am happy to share with all of you!

“Hi, my name is Peter and I would like to share with you my journey to losing 11kg and continuing….

Back in April this year, after years of trying different ways to lose weight while living a hectic lifestyle of business travel and enjoying family life. My decision took a different approach whereby I consulted a nutritionist, Sharon Aaron from the Australian Menopause Centre.

Prior to making the decision to go to a Nutritionist, I had been on a number of diet programs, some worked in the short term and some did not, but the main challenge was maintaining a healthy lifestyle during business travel and social activities.

The reason I took the Nutritionist path was that I did not want to go on another diet.

The process of having my BMI and blood test analysed brought me to realise that I needed to attend to my weight, healthy eating and lifestyle. The best part about this nutritional program was that it analysed my eating habits, what foods were available during my business trips and a way to enjoy a happy healthy life.

Through Sharon’s continuous nutritional education and regular consultation, face to face and telephonically, I was able to make better choices based on my food preferences, food availability and healthier alternatives. She also mentored me through stressful times, by giving food and lifestyle option to reduce the impact on my body. Based on Sharon’s interest in my weekly achievements and her continuous monitoring of my lifestyle change, I was able to reduce centimeters off areas of my body that was concern to health specialist, I was able to reduce my life insurance premiums by reducing my BMI and I felt happier.

Currently, I am in a “holding pattern” as I am at a stage where I am finding it a challenge to lose the remainder 5kg to reach my goal weight. I am also waiting for Sharon to launch a new maintenance program whereby I can overcome the challenges I am experiencing such as increasing my metabolism, introducing more foods into my lifestyle ad that continuous coaching.”

If you would like to book a consultation with Sharon and discuss your dietary habits and make a change in your life in 2019; contact the Australian Menopause Centre on 1300 883 405 or fill in our consultation form and one of our receptionists will call you back to book you in.

Sharon Aaron

About The Author - Sharon Aaron

Sharon is a qualified nutritionist and a strict believer of using ‘Food as Medicine’. She feels strongly that lifestyle changes and making simple dietary changes can have a significant effect on our health.

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