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Oestradiol and Glycolic Acid cream found to be highly effective in treating skin ageing in postmenopausal women


Hormones play a vital role in many physiological processes. Women heading through menopause are well aware of this. Did you know that your hormones play a significant part in the suppleness and youthfulness of your skin?

A 6-month study published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding1 has shown that small doses of bio identical Oestradiol cream applied to the face and neck to be highly effective in preventing or treating skin ageing in peri menopausal women. Study results showed:

  • Decrease in wrinkle depth
  • Decrease in pore size
  • Increased moisture
  • Increased skin elasticity and firmness
  • Improved circulation (vascularization)

In addition to this, studies have shown that glycolic acid can help to reverse many signs of skin damage. Reports on glycolic acid have found profound effects on disorders of keratinization by diminishing the amount of dead skin cells stuck to the surface of the face. Glycolic acid has been reported to:

  • Improve markers of skin aging by thickening the epidermis
  • Reverse basal cell abnormalities
  • Disperse melanin pigmentation and
  • Maintain a more normal rete peg pattern (improving health and strength to the layers of the skin)

In 2003 a 6-month study2 combining Glycolic Acid and Oestradiol into a cream has shown that together, these substances have an enhancing effect on aging skin. Treatment changes observed included:

  • Epidermal thickening
  • Return to a more undulating rete peg pattern, typical of younger skin
  • Improved elastic fibre formation; fibres became elongated, more unified and less fragmented, also consistent with younger skin

Results have confirmed that the combination of Glycolic Acid and Oestradiol was notably greater than either substance alone.

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