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Oct 16, 2017 Controversy Corner Diet & Nutrition AMC Team 2 views

From the age of 45 I gradually gained weight.  I knew it was happening and tried to reverse it, without success.  At 50 and 25 kilograms heavier, I had tried everything with minimal success and was about to give up and accept that I was getting old.

Then the Kickstart Program from the Australian Menopause Centre was suggested to me.  I did a little research and chose to give it a go.  The results were amazing!  I lost 15.2 kilograms in about 40 days.  My high-ish cholesterol levels dropped remarkably, my mind was sharper and I felt 10 (maybe more) years younger.

Initially the program is not easy, but when you settle into it, it alters your relationship to food and you emerge at the other side renewed.  I loved my outcome and as I have a bit more weight to lose I am ready to embark on the program again without hesitation.  Importantly I must convey my immense thanks for the remarkable support I received throughout the program from the team.

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