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Dec 16, 2016 News AMC Team 128 views

If you don’t think you can avoid the over eating and over indulgence of the festive season, don’t worry, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that can help to reduce the impact on the body.

Not only is Christmas generally a time of over indulgence, but it is also a time for the fattier and sweeter foods. Excess fats and excess sugars place a strain on the body’s ability to metabolise and break it down. These foods, particularly the fats, are metabolised through the liver. If the liver becomes overworked or starts to under function, your entire detoxification process is shaken. Symptoms of poor liver detoxification include headaches, acne, depression, low energy, aches and pains, indigestion and weight gain. Support your liver through this indulgent season with Phyto Pro.

Phyto Pro is a combination of herbal preparations designed to enhance and modulate all three phases of liver detoxification. Not only can this help with the metabolism and the processing of fatty foods, but it is also a great support for those who may over indulge in alcohol as well. After all, it is the livers job to remove or neutralise toxins in the body.

Phyto Pro is a must have over the festive season as it is a great supplement to have on hand when you know you’ll be having big days/nights of drinking and eating ahead.  Start taking Phyto Pro in preparation for the silly season, priming your body to avoid any discomfort and dampen any hangovers. After all, it is during this time that we’re most likely to experience a food coma or a hangover.

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