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Quick Chickpea and Spinach curry

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Chickpeas 800 g (tinned) (undrained weight)

Fresh English Spinach 1 bunch (washed and chopped)

Olive oil 3 tbsp

Black mustard seeds 1 tsp heaped (small)

Cumin seeds 1 tsp heaped

Turmeric powder ¾ tsp

Ground cumin 1 ½ tsp (mixed with ground coriander)

Ground coriander 1 ½ tsp

Fresh coriander 1 handful (chopped)

Chili powder to taste

Salt to taste

Lime wedges


  1. Drain and wash the chickpeas. Set aside.
  2. In a saucepan, heat the oil over medium heat until the oil is hot.
  3. Add the cumin and mustard seeds to the heat, fry until they become aromatic (approx. 1 min). Add the drained chickpeas.
  4. Add the salt, chilli powder, coriander and cumin powder and turmeric powder and stir through with a fork.
  5. Add the chopped spinach with some additional water or veggie stock. Place the lid on the saucepan until the spinach is wilted. This will not take very long, so don’t walk away!
  6. Turn the heat off and serve hot with rice, bread or on a bed of steamed fresh vegetables. Serve with wedges of lime.