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Health Minister Sussan Ley has announced a review of the industry that counts roughly half of Australians as customers, yet leaves many in the lurch when they need help most.

Little wonder when stories such as the woman who had been paying for her health insurance every month for seven years needed surgery for an ovarian cyst which was causing her immense pain and discomfort and then found that she was not covered by her health fund!

Distressing and disturbing. Yet this is all too common.

Why do we put such faith in these insurance companies that collect regular income from us and then turn us away when we really need them?

We actually have patients who consider cancelling their bio–identical program because their health fund will not cover them. Why would you pay up to $150.00 per month to a health fund for something that you may or may not use and which finds every excuse possible not to pay a rebate? They even go so far as to try and discredit the treatment being offered through registered professional doctors so as to avoid paying a rebate!

It is best to shop around and find a reputable fund (some do exist) who are not afraid to cover their customers for what they are paying for in order to maximise their health.

Meanwhile do not give up your bio-identical treatment program in order to save money and yet jeopardise your health by taking some alternative that just might be dangerous.

Ron Loftus
General Manager