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Name: Roseanna Gallo OAM
Occupation: Singer/performer/entertainer/charity worker/MC

“OMG! Was is happening to me!”

It was just after I turned 50, I had been told by other women, that after they turned 50 all this weight started piling on with night sweats and other  symptoms. I was determined this was not going to happen to me. I suffered for years with the pre-menstrual headaches, which required me carrying a supply of Nurofen. I just thought this was normal.

My work is in the entertainment industry as a singer, performer, MC and charity worker.
It was March 2012, two months after my 50th and I was singing at a funeral service and halfway through the service I experienced a severe panic attack and started sweating. The fact that the church was full, magnified my panic attack. My only relief was to focus on praying through my attack, which worked. I wondered why did this happen? That week I had to sing at another church service, at the same church and I suffered another panic attack and got scared, which again magnified the attack. I also got a double whammy and my voice disappeared for a minute which seemed like forever and I quickly went into regain voice urgently mode ASAP for my next song, which thank God it came back with a sip of water and a prayer! I knew something was wrong, my throat had a constant tickling itch after that episode and it almost felt like I had mould spores in my wind pipe, not that I know what that is like!

I knew something was wrong. I went to see my GP and they couldn’t find any underlying reason for my constant tickling throat/windpipe condition. They suggested to gargle with salt and water. The vicious cycle continued, panic attacks at funeral services, trying to deal with the tickle, cough, tickle, this was upsetting me so much, that I thought it was time to surrender my career, that I worked so hard for. I was going through a grieving process.

One night I was googling all my symptoms and was trying to self-diagnose. I started googling symptoms for throat cancer, lung cancer (I’m not a smoker), shingles in the throat, mould in the throat!  I put so many questions in google. I remember again saying a prayer to find an answer and all of a sudden I thought to put in google, menopause symptoms and the Australian Menopause Centre web page came up.  I noticed an enquiry box on this and I must admit my inner voice was telling me “write to them and tell them everything!”

I wrote in the enquiry box and would have to say that doing this was the best thing I ever did.  I received a call from Lawrence at Australian Menopause Centre to discuss my medical history and my symptoms and he was so understanding and he reassured me that I wasn’t being neurotic. Lawrence organised a phone appointment with me, for the Doctor.

I remember waiting for that phone call and hoping that there was a reason for my symptoms, which would hopefully show up on a blood test.  Dr Woodhouse rang me and confirmed that my Progesterone was very low and my Oestrogen was high. He then reassured me that going on the Bio identical hormones would help with the headaches, panic attacks and other symptoms.

I remember that I couldn’t wait to get my first batch of Bio identical hormones and get started to my path of recovery.  My Patient Care consultant would ring me to check up on my progress.  I remember after three weeks still not feeling the full effects and at my review it was suggested to increase my dosage of the progesterone. Almost a few days after my review I started to feel fantastic !  I have now been on the treatment program for two years.  My Testosterone is low now which has been causing tiredness and lack of libido but the Australian Menopause Centre doctors advised me that taking Testosterone is not an option for me, as I can’t let this affect my singing voice, as I couldn’t risk having my voice go deeper. They advised me to try a natural supplement called Metagenics “Energy X” which has been fabulous and helped so much to curb the tiredness and replace the magnesium and zinc minerals.

Since being part of the Australian Menopause Centre  treatment program, my life, hormones and career has taken a very positive turn. I have advised so many women to contact the Australian Menopause Centre to get checked out and if necessary to start on the treatment program, this will be the best decision you will ever make as far as your hormone journey goes. We need to get the word out to all women, that there is a more natural treatment for peri, pre, menopausal women, who are not coping.

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