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Jan 28, 2019 Controversy Corner Ron Loftus 314 views

I recently read this statement on what might at first glance look like a reputable website:

Certain people think bio-identical hormones are different, safer and better. But “bio-identical” is a made-up marketing term, coined by compounding pharmacies trying to make their product sound natural.’

What a load of rubbish! Bio-identical is no more a made up term than the latest utterings from the pharmaceutical companies and their usual sidekicks. Having finally come up with a couple of bio-identical medications that they can now mass produce and convince a compliant assemblage of medical lemmings to prescribe, they realised they needed to do a U turn.

Bio-identical or body-identical hormones

They have realised that in order to not be accused of being two faced, dishonest and having double standards that they need to re brand bio-identical as body identical. This is done under the pretext that body identical only refers to mass produced bio-identical preparations in set doses that have been ‘approved’ as a mass market medication. They once again then try and deride compounding pharmaceutical preparations. They of course overlook the fact that there are dozens of professional, highly regulated and compliant compounding facilities using only highest-grade ingredients located all over Australia. There are many major hospitals with compounding facilities that constantly fulfil special prescriptions for doctors who require specific doses for their patients.

Why do they do this? Perhaps the same old answer – big pharmaceutical companies paying big money to promote a couple of products and try and purport that they have come up with something new and different. What they don’t tell you of course is that that their product really is the same but that it can only be provided in a couple of inflexible set doses which may not be suitable to address symptoms. So what they have done is come up with a marketing term that makes their product sound natural. In reality bio-identical hormones and body identical hormones are really the same thing- they have the exact same molecular structure as the hormones created by the human body.

The great news is that specifically compounded and targeted doses of body identical/bio-identical hormones can alleviate the symptoms of menopause using low or more focused doses and are produced in modern professional facilities.

Ron Loftus

About The Author - Ron Loftus

Ron Loftus is the General Manager of the Australian Menopause Centre and leads the team here with his in-depth knowledge of the medical industry. His detailed and focused approach to every matter ensures our centre is the best in patient care and offers an uncompromising service of the highest quality.

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