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Aug 23, 2017 Guest Posts External Source 252 views

A patient account of one of our Digestive Health Detox Program

I just wanted to say a big thank you!

Living in Queensland for the last 9 years has meant learning how to deal to Sandflies – and their nasty bites! We love taking the boat out and sometimes taking a swag and camping out on the islands off Gladstone. This meant the obvious mosquitoes and sandflies would often attack in the evening and I would get hammered – on one occasion by over 100 bites! They would itch for a day or so and disappear. However, over the years, the bite would become a welt, would itch for much longer and eventually blister, weep and bleed for up to a month, leaving me with horrid scars all over my legs and arms. Over the last 3 years it got to the stage where I could no longer go out fishing, boating or camping as the welts were enormous and the pain and month long suffering afterwards was unbearable. To visit my hairdresser who lived near the coast I would have to wear long pants, long sleeves and cover myself with all available brands of repellent – which I hated.

When I saw the gut detox program and also an article regarding menopause and immunity on the AMC website, I decided to discuss my issues with the Naturopath. I’m not good at taking horse tablets so the first two weeks were simply gut wrenching for me – but I made it through the six weeks! I felt so fantastic afterwards, lost about 5 kilos (even though this was not a weight loss program) and had so much energy! My husband couldn’t believe seeing me bounce out of bed in the morning, go for a run and then do the vacuuming – all before 7:00am! But was my
immune system better?

We recently visited friends in Rainbow Beach – right on the waters edge at the Caravan Park in Carlo Point – SANDFLY HEAVEN! It has been a couple of months since my detox, it is 5pm and as we arrive at the reception desk a lady pushes past me and begs for some spray or cream or anything to stop the itching from the sandfly bites!! Uh Oh!! – so do I take precautions, cover up and spray up? No, I decided to stay in my shorts, t-shirt and sandals and test the waters! For the first hour – no bites! Great! We unpack, shower, meet up with our friends for a drink on their deck and then pop out to the surf club for dinner – ALL OUTSIDE! ….. no bites! The next morning, we get up before sunrise and pop over to our friends deck for a cuppa! Everyone is getting bitten by sandflies – I get two bites on the back of my knee and wait to see what happens. While the temptation is to scratch – I have learnt not to! A swab of saliva seems to work and all I have is a little red dot. Yes, a bit itchy but none of the previous symptoms that I have been suffering.

I have decided to commit to doing the gut detox once a year as a kind of maintenance program. Do you think you could make the Horse tablets smaller – maybe the size of a sandfly???

Thanks AMC – my life is so much better these days – and my husband is very, very grateful too!

Jenny Verne, July 2017

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