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Suffering from the Shortage of Estradot and Estalis Patches? Help is Available!


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So there is a shortage of Estradot and Estalis patches. What does this mean?

It means that thousands of women are without their medication and are left to suffer the dreadful symptoms associated with menopause.

What response was the response given from the manufacturers?

Please suffer for an indeterminate amount of time while we “work on resolving the issue”.

Treat your symptoms with bio-identical hormones

If you’re suffering from menopause related symptoms due to an unavailability of Estradot and Estalis patches, the good news is that there is help available. Doctors can prescribe the same dosages of hormones in these patches, and what’s more, the doses can even be altered slightly up or down to specifically target the symptoms some may still have suffered while on these patches.

The main hormone in Estradot is oestradiol – a bio-identical oestrogen. This means it is identical to what the body produces. Many women will also need to be prescribed Progesterone to take along with the oestradiol.

The hormones found in Estalis are oestradiol (bio-identical) and Norethisterone (pogestin).

Progesterone and oestradiol are both bio-identical hormones. It is very important not to associate Progesterone with Progestagens as they aren’t the same. Progestagens, which are contained in many mass-produced medications have been linked to increased risks of breast and other forms of cancer. Always be careful when you see such names as norethisterone, drospirenone, norethindine medroxyprogesterone as these are all progestagens.

If you have been left without your Estradot and Estalis patches and are suffering, contact the Australian Menopause Centre today. Our treatment options are effective and affordable, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ll receive ongoing assistance and support form our helpful team.