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Support for Breast Cancer Survivors!


Breast cancer is something that most women have come to fear and too many women have had to experience. It can create a scar on the body, a mental or emotional scar, and effects your health records.

For those fortunate enough to be breast cancer survivors, menopause can be a challenge. A history of breast cancer can often come with a red flag and a number of cautious practitioners unable or unwilling to help support you through menopause. The fear of promoting a return of breast cancer is a valid fear, yet often not practical for those suffering through hot flushes, night sweats, mood changes and insomnia, to name a few.

At the Australian Menopause Centre we recognise this fear. We decided it was important to find an alternative solution, not ignore it.

The team of doctors and naturopaths have come together to provide a scale of menopause support options. You do not have to go on hormone support therapy, and you do not have to ‘put up with it’.

Almost two years ago we introduced the Non-Hormonal Naturopathic Support Program. This program is a naturopath inspired and doctor approved approach to easing menopause symptoms.

Using a combination of three supplements, dietary advice and lifestyle advice, the program works to support the body as it transitions through menopause. With a strong adrenal gland focus, the supplements avoid the sex hormones completely, bypassing oestrogen and progesterone on purpose. Whilst this is not the most direct route, or obvious route to hormonal imbalance, we do this on purpose.

We do not want to influence oestrogen or progesterone in women who have had breast cancer. We do not want to influence any chance of a reoccurrence.

Our combination of herbs, vitamin and minerals continues to help those who are struggling. To date, we see the best results with hot flushes, moodiness, poor energy and stress resilience.

If you or someone you know is struggling with menopause, and hormones are not an option, don’t fret. Speak to our doctors to see how the team at the Australian Menopause Centre can help.