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Testosterone Therapy Is Not Only for Women, Men May Need It Too

03 May 2017

In men, testosterone is produced in the testes, by a group of cells known as the Leydig cells. These cells begin secreting testosterone during puberty to trigger increased lean muscle mass, sex organs, deeper voice and higher energy levels. Peak test

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Protect Your Liver this Christmas with PhytoPro

16 Dec 2016

If you don’t think you can avoid the over eating and over indulgence of the festive season, don’t worry, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that can help to reduce the impact on the body. Not only is Christmas generally a time of over indulgence

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What are Oestrogen and Progesterone Excess and Deficiency Symptoms?

10 Oct 2013

What is Oestrogen Oestrogen is the name given to a class of hormones. There are three major oestrogens produced by women called oestriol, oestradiol and oestrone. Oestradiol is the most potent. Often spelt as estrogen, estrone, estradiol, estriol

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