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Controversy Corner: “He Who Angers You, Conquers You!” a quote from Sister Kenny.

27 Sep 2018

  Written by Ron Loftus, General Manager     History repeats itself. Recently there have been a spate of new attacks on bio-identical hormones and those who support their use. The usual culprits have been sprouting half

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Hair Loss and Menopause

15 Aug 2018

Written by Annmarie Cannone, Naturopath. M. Hum Nutr, Grad Dip Naturopathy, B. App Sci (Naturopathic Studies) Menopause is a time in a woman’s life where many changes occur. These changes are namely hormonal that can in turn, influence our physica

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Controversy Corner: How Do They Get Away with It?

29 Jun 2018

Written by Ron Loftus, General Manager “There is no scientific evidence to support that bioidentical hormone therapy is safer or more effective than hormone therapy that uses synthetic estrogen and progesterone.”  - Women’s Health Research In

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Controversy Corner: WHY, WHY, WHY?

01 Feb 2018

Why, why and why do people consistently not read what is written? You have no idea the number of times during the day we receive questions from patients about bio-identical hormones and that they have been told by their respective health professional

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Controversy Corner: Sex, Lies and Videotape – Nope Just More Misleading Hype!

15 Nov 2017

Recently we heard from the experts again – this time announcing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) won’t kill you! Or more accurately, HRT will not shorten your life! Well that is true to a point for those who develop breast cancer or ovarian canc

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Controversy Corner: Why Troches?

23 Aug 2017

At the AMC our doctors prescribe troches and other applications for BHRT hormones and other treatments.  These alternative options to swallowing hormones are all quite good in that they all bypass the liver but troches are the best option as well as

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