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Menopause and Fatigue

29 Apr 2018

Fatigue is one of the most common and one of the most disruptive symptoms of menopause. It can be defined as an ongoing and persistent feeling of weakness, tiredness and lowered energy levels. This dip in energy can affect your ability to cope with s

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Chronic Stress Is the Most Under-Rated Illness We Are Exposed To

29 Mar 2018

Written by Samantha Mainland, B.Nat, BMedsMgmentProfHonsCM Chronic stress is the most under-rated illness we are exposed to, in my opinion. Stress has the power to stop you eating, make you gain weight, interrupt your sleep or stop you from getting

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Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

15 Nov 2017

As a nutritionist it is evident to me on a day to day basis that our health is not only determined by what we feed our bodies but it is also our attitude, mental state and positive energy that has an impact on the way we function and our general well

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Walnuts Are Not Technically a Nut

06 Jan 2017

Walnuts have a rich, exciting and long history dating back over 17,000 years. They are the oldest tree food known to man, with the first cultivation believed to be 7,000 years ago by the Neolithic people. This brain shaped superfood was once regarded

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Sleep is Essential to Living

21 Apr 2016

Sleep is essential to living. Whether you have noticed it or not, poor sleep can affect your energy, moods, motivation, appetite and more. Sleep is essential to living, yet it is often the first thing we sacrifice when we are stressed, need more t

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What can CoQ10 do for you?

12 May 2014

Life in the 21st century is busy, busy, busy. As we age it is harder to keep up with the pace, and fatigue is increasingly common. There are many reasons why energy levels may decrease and fatigue can just be the tip of the iceberg. Co-enzyme Q10 is

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