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Gout in Women, and How Menopause Fits into the Picture

30 Jul 2018

Written by Sharon Aaron, Nutritionist, BSc. Adv.Dip.Nutr.Med. When one thinks of gout an image of an older grumpy man (perhaps going through andropause) with a throbbing painful swollen big red toe and a bottle of red wine immediately jumps to mind.

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Stop Counting Calories and start eating REAL whole foods.

16 Oct 2017

We live in a culture that is obsessed with counting calories, and reading food labels. In my practice, I focus on the joy of eating REAL whole fresh foods and not at all on calorie counting. The goal is long term health and with a diet that is jam pa

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Would you eat fruit that had gone bad?

13 Jul 2016

If you answered no to this question and we hope you did, are you applying this same rule to your medications? Medications have an expiry date and for good reason! Everything deteriorates over time. Fresh is always the best and this applies especi

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Watermelon – The Ultimate Hydration

25 Jan 2016

Watermelons are now in season and they’re not only delicious and juicy, they are also highly nutritious and are a great snack alternative. This tasty fruit is a great source of hydration and each serve of watermelon (154g) will provide you with

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