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Headaches Started or Worsened after turning 40 Years Old?

25 Jan 2016

Peri-menopause and Headaches Peri-menopause marks a time of great change within the hormonal environment of a woman. Her body goes from being in an almost complete state of equilibrium to being unbalanced and symptoms are experienced that had nev

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What Causes Headaches During Menopause?

24 Oct 2015

Headaches during menopause can incapacitate women who experience them. For instance in the case of migraine headaches, the pain generally comes on slowly in one side of the head, builds, and begins to pulsate and throb. Women who suffer from headache

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TIP OF THE MONTH – Headaches

24 Oct 2013

Headaches are described as an ache or pain in the head, face, mouth, neck or any combination of these. The pain can be mild to severe and strong enough to upset your daily activities. Some of the causes of headaches can be eye strain, hormonal cha

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