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Why Life Coaching is Beneficial During Menopause

30 Jul 2018

By Gina Mitchell. Certified Life Coach with The Institute of Behavioural Science. Bsc (Hons), Dip Ed. Going through menopause can be very confronting and many women don’t realise that some of the symptoms they experience are due to ‘the change’

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What Women Over 50 Want, By Susie Elelman

29 Jun 2018

Thinking long and hard about the question of what women over 50 want, I’m not sure it’s that much different to what any woman or man wants at any age. I do think, however, by the time we reach the age of 50, our priorities have shifted and we’

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Weight Loss Detox

10 Dec 2015

What: what is it? Our Weight Loss Detox is a thoroughly researched combination of supplements, dietary choices and lifestyle suggestions all with the same aim of decreasing your weight and improving your overall health. This detox looks at ensuring

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