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Controversy Corner: Danger, danger, warning, warning!

15 Mar 2017

TGA approval is sometimes waved around like an imperial flag. Much importance is placed on this ‘imprimatur’.  The reality is, TGA approval does not automatically mean that a drug is effective, desirable or even safe! Quite a number of all TGA a

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Breaking News: Swallowing it, by Four Corners.

16 Feb 2017

The ABC program, Four Corners, recently aired an episode titled ‘Swallowing It’. This episode explored the quality and standards of Australian supplements, along with the Department of Health’s regulating body, the Therapeutic Goods Administrat

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Health Funds – Can I Claim?

02 Feb 2014

Many health funds do provide rebates on bio-identical hormones however, some health funds do not provide these rebates. Why is this the case? It is important to remember that most funds are privately owned and are therefore responsible for ret

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