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Okra – Nature’s Lady Fingers, for Gut Health

15 Aug 2016

Okra is a vegetable from the cotton family and both the seeds and pods have been consumed for centuries. It is believed to have originated close to Ethiopia and cultivated by the ancient Egyptians, before its cultivation and consumption spread throug

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Sweet Potato

13 Jul 2016

Sweet potatoes are native to Central and Native America and are one of the oldest known vegetables. Relics of sweet potato dating back more than 10,000 years have been found in Peruvian Caves. This vegetable is not only beautiful in colour, it is als

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Sheeps’ cheese

14 Aug 2014

Sheep have been raised for milk for thousands of years and were milked before cows. The world’s commercial dairy sheep industry is concentrated in Europe and the countries on or near the Mediterranean Sea. Most of the sheep milk produced is made in

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Food of month – Pawpaw

27 Feb 2014

Pawpaw (or papaya) is a fruit that grows in tropical areas throughout the world and is easily available throughout Australia. Most Australians enjoy pawpaw simply because it is delicious, but increasingly, research is showing that the health benefits

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