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Oct 24, 2013 Wellness Tips AMC Team 57 views

Headaches are described as an ache or pain in the head, face, mouth, neck or any combination of these. The pain can be mild to severe and strong enough to upset your daily activities.

Some of the causes of headaches can be eye strain, hormonal changes – where oestrogen and progesterone ratios are unbalanced, metabolic issues of high or low blood sugar levels/ blood pressure or thyroid conditions, sinus congestion, too much tension or stress, leaky gut toxicity and its associated inflammatory responses as well as over exertion for example running, lifting or coughing.

Tips to provide relief

  • Drink more filtered water – Try for 2L per day to stay hydrated
  • Reduce alcohol and caffeinated drinks as these dehydrate the body
  • Minimise the amount of biscuits, bread and lollies as these may spike blood sugar levels
  • Eat protein at every meal to stabilise blood sugar levels and moods
  • Monitor your headaches to assess a pattern – This might rule out hormonal concerns. Start by filling in our downloadable Symptom Calendar.
  • If you experience a headache after certain foods – Avoid those foods or talk to us about a comprehensive detox program. Contact us
  • Magnesium supplementation may be of benefit – Call and speak to our naturopath Contact us
  • Engage in a form of stress management – Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong or meditation
  • Book an appointment with your local optometrist to have your eyes checked.

If sinus is a concern – Eliminate dairy and wheat from your diet as they may be contributing to the problem.

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