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Aug 14, 2014 Symptom Relief Wellness Tips AMC Team 103 views

For optimal health, it is best to avoid unwanted unnecessary exposure to chemicals, pollutants and other harmful substances. A great detox program can help to detoxify your internal environment, however is it also equally important to review your lifestyle habits and consider the external environment around you, including your home, work space and even your car.


  •    Minimise packaged food
  •   Eatrganic; buyrganic flowers
  •   Eat more (washed) vegetables
  •   Eat less meat and dairy (animal fat stores toxins)
  •   Avoid charred meat
  •   Minimise consumptionf certain fish and shellfish
  •   Drink lotsf purifiedr spring water
  •   Use BPA-free water bottles and BPA-free canned food
  •   Use PET (code 1) products (water bottles etc.)ncenly
  •   Don’tverheat empty ‘non-stick’ cookware


  •    Avoid recreational drugs, including cigarettes
  •   Drink alcohol and coffee in moderation
  •   Keep pharmaceuticals to a minimum
  •   Use non-toxic cleaning agents; chemical free dry-cleaners
  •   Use natural personal care products freef phthalates and parabens
  •   Avoid synthetic fragrances


  •    Use non-toxic/low VOC (volatilerganic compounds) building materials, paints, furnishings and carpets
  •   Avoid herbicide/pesticide use around the home
  •   Clean indoor air with indoor plants and ionizers
  •   Remove shoes at home (leave theutside,utside)


  •    Wash hands regularly
  •   Practice dry skin brushing and/or lymphatic drainage massage regularly
  •   Enjoy regular exercise and saunas (sweat more)
  •   Reduce stress, sleep and rest well.

Following these tips can not only decrease your toxin load, but it can also improve your health on multiple levels. The fewer toxins you expose yourself to, the less energy your body wasteson neutralising and eliminating it = the more energy you have to live. 

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